It’s the Old Silverback Cartoon Matinee Hour, featuring a full hour of all your animated favorites like Bruto the Sailor Man, Macho Moose, Lil’ Oddity, Slim & Sam (“Those Inky Corvid Twins”), Tottering Gertie, Dookins & Dontkins, Loosey B. Owl and dozens of others. Get ready to “Plunk yer magic twanger, Froggy” as Col. Jo-Jo Houston presents these newly-restored cartoons as they were meant to be seen… ON RADIO!

“Mr. A. Hitler, the nazi old thing, says that Mickey’s silly. Imagine that! Well, Mickey’s going to save Mr. A. Hitler from drowning or something some day… then won’t Mr. A. Hitler be ashamed…” — WALT DISNEY

(Brought to you with minimal interruption this week by the makers of commercials for CHIMPKIN! Try our ads for LANCELOT LINKS: The CHIMPKIN Sausage Substitute! They’re an easy-to-swallow part of this healthy breakfast advertisement!)

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